How to Care for your 4C Hair type

Marsha Maxtone-Graham

How to Care for 4C Tip 1-8

1. Shampoo Infrequently: 4C Hair type requires extra moisture. Over washing will strip away the natural oils that keep your coils healthy and hydrated. Shampooing just once every 2-4 weeks is plenty. Use a gentle, hydrating, sulfate-free formula and minimize tangling by conditioning both before & after cleansing.

2. Deep Condition Frequently: In between washes, use a thick, deeply moisturizing conditioner to help soften and detangle stubborn coils. At least once a week, deep condition with a hot oil treatment or nourishing hair mask.

3. Try the LOC/LCO method: 4C hair type has difficulty holding on to moisture. Using the right combination of products in the right order can give you great results.

In the LOC/LCO method, the "L" stands for liquid conditioner, the "C" stands for creme, the "O" stands for oil.

Spritx your parched curls with a moisturizing leave-in conditioner, then use a deeply hydrating cream oil oil to lock in moisture and seal out frizz.

4. Stay away from Heat: Heat styling should be done sparingly. Rely on curl-defining 4C Hair products and styles to tame your frizz rather than heat tools.

5. Regularly detangle & protect: 4C Hair is extra prone to breakage, damage and frizz. Regularly coat your curls in conditioner or curl cream and gently separate and define with your fingers.

6. Sleep Gently: to protect your curls at night, wrap your head in a silk bonnet or scarf and use a satin pillowcase to minimise frizz-causing friction.

7. Get frequent Trims: Ward off split ends and breakage with frequent trips to the salon.

8. Hydrate from Inside Out: Drinking lots of water helps to nourish & protect every cell in your body, including those parched strands.

We hope these tips will help your 4C be loved. LOL

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